Pickering emulsified chocolate! My favourite!

Okay, not really, but chemists at the University of Warwick have created a chocolate-fruit juice emulsion with half the fat of regular chocolate.  (Hat tip.)

We demonstrate a route toward the preparation of healthier fruit juice infused chocolate candy. Up to 50 wt% of the fat content in chocolate, that is cocoa butter and milk fats, is replaced with fruit juice in the form of emulsion droplets using a quiescent Pickering emulsion fabrication strategy. [….]

The formation of a colloidal gel in the continuous (molten) oil phase provided the system with a yield stress, hereby giving it a gel-like and thus quiescent behaviour under low shear conditions, as determined by rheological measurements.

For my non-chemist readers, some of the cocoa butter is replaced with fruit juice, then emulsified (imagine shaking up your bottle of salad dressing) and stabilised.  Better living – and scurvy prevention! – through chemistry.


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