Raiding Medicare will kill forty thousand seniors per year

Last week, I pointed out that reductions in Medicare payments – already significantly lower than those given by private insurance companies – will result in fewer doctors who accept Medicare.  The “positive right” to medical care cannot be obtained without a physician willing to provide it, and that won’t happen at the prices offered through ObamaCare.

This week, Betsy McCaughy, Ph.D., crunched the numbers and reveals that ObamaCare will kill forty thousand senior citizens annually.

For those familiar with the NHS, this is not a surprise (and indicates that McCaughy may be low-balling the numbers; the population of America is roughly five times that of Great Britain). My morbid self would also like to point out that a country can bump off tens of thousands of old folks every year without doing much damage to its life expectancy – that’s just basic math.

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