Another day, another lawsuit over ObamaCare

Hobby Lobby stores, a Christian-oriented business, filed for an injunction against the enforcement of ObamaCare’s mandate that employer-sponsored health insurance must cover the morning-after pill.  (Hat tip: The Times & Democrat.) Hobby Lobby’s objection is that the morning-after pill often works by preventing the embryo from implanting.

Money is fungible.  Any Hobby Lobby employee who wants to buy the morning-after pill may use part of her salary to do so.   In a world in which employees are paid in fungible money, not in goods and services, this mandate is absurd.  There is no rational connection between employment in a toy-supply company and a person’s sex life – or at least that is the premise of every single pro-privacy and anti-harassment law out there.

The only reason that companies like Hobby Lobby are suing the federal government is because the federal government created distorted incentives for employers to provide health insurance.  Once that happened, the government regulated the ways in which such employers could provide health insurance, including the current morning-after pill requirement.


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