Former IRS Commissioner: Insurance exchanges will be a ‘quagmire’

ObamaCare is structured so that people will use their 2012 income tax returns to qualify for state-subsidised medical care in 2014.  The Department of Health and Human Services will determine eligibility; the IRS will reconcile the 2014 statements and the 2012 statements, then determine if the taxpayer owes money (for having collected too much of a benefit) or is owed money.

According to former IRS Commissioner Fred Goldberg, this is a quagmire.  The IRS isn’t equipped to handle the huge influx of paperwork; HHS is not equipped to determine income eligibility.

Let me remind all of you that ObamaCare was supposed to reduce overhead costs and make the process of obtaining health insurance much easier.  Whether a supporter or an opponent of the law, it should be clear that ObamaCare fails by the standards set forth by its backers during its passage: that it would cover an additional 40 million people, reduce costs, bend the cost curve down, expand coverage while balancing the budget, and decrease administrative costs.


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