Does denying a pregnant woman an epidural count as a “war on women”?

And if so, can we finally admit that socialised medicine might not be the best thing for the distaff half of the population?

In order to save money, Britain’s National Health Service now recommends that women avoid pain relief and Caesareans during delivery.  (Hat tip: Glenn Reynolds.)

We’re often told that the government should run health care because it’s not evil and isn’t out to profit on our sickness.  Nevertheless, governments have budgets, and they also have trillions of dollars of debt.  (Know any insurance companies that are $16 trillion in debt?)  A government is under larger, not smaller, budgetary pressures than your average insurance company.

What really makes me wonder is how much “advanced” medicine, when delivered by a government, seems to resemble something out of the Stone Age.


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