ObamaCare Cost Update: $5k more per year than predicted, and untold numbers of jobs

Two pieces of ObamaCare news:

(1) Health insurance premiums are up approximately $3,000 per year per family; Obama had promised that he would “bend the cost curve down” and that they would be down about $2,500 per year.

(2) Small businesses rate ObamaCare as their biggest challenge, ahead of foreign competition, energy costs, and regulatory costs.   Two-thirds of small businesses and manufacturers say that ObamaCare will increase their health care costs.  Other assorted bad news is at the link. (Hat tip: Wintery Knight.)

To be entirely childish: Told you so.

All this talk about giving fifty million people more health care and spending less money?  Obvious rubbish.  Of reforming health care to save us all money on our premiums?  Absurd.  “If you like your health insurance, you can keep it”?  Not if your health insurance is an inexpensive catastrophic plan, paired with a HSA, or not if your doctor retires, or if your plan doesn’t include “free” morning after pills.


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