Note to Joe Kennedy, III

If you’re going to run a campaign for Congress, and your sole qualifications, outside of your family name, are being a 31-year-old, red-headed attorney (NTTAWWT), then at least get your facts straight.

Let’s queue up the popcorn and the laugh track as we examine Mr. Kennedy’s ‘white paper’ on health care reform:

The ACA extends health insurance coverage to more than 32 million Americans, saves Medicare $716 billion, and extends the solvency of the program eight years, until 2024, all without cutting benefits.

Actually, it leaves thirty million Americans uninsured, and was sold on insuring 40 to 50 million Americans, so it only insures 10 to 20 million Americans.  Not 32 million.

Second, as we all know by now, ObamaCare does not “save” Medicare any money.  Rather, it cuts Medicare by $716 billion, and for every new dollar in benefits, it cuts twelve dollars in benefits.

Let’s continue the hilarity.



The first goal should be ensuring that the ACA remains in place. The ACA guarantees Medicare’s solvency and extends the life of the Medicare Trust Fund until 2024.

Medicare cuts are not being reinvested in Medicare; they are paying for ObamaCare. That’s not “guaranteeing solvency”; that’s raiding.  Had Kennedy spent an iota of time in the private sector, he would know that you can’t double-count your savings.

Moving right along:

The government can do more to disseminate information about which treatments work – including helping everyone consider the costs and side effects of unnecessary treatments – so that every health care dollar is put to good use.

If you want a 31-year-old who has never taken a science class since high school telling you what treatments you can get, vote for Joe.  If you think that your doctor knows better than Joe Kennedy III what you need for your own, personal medical condition, don’t vote for these chuckleheads.


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