Should I even ask

…where the Obama campaign got the sexist, condescending notion that my ladyparts should be a matter of national importance because I need help protecting them from the evil Republicans? Or is the sexist idea that I can’t care for my ladyparts on my own, and, like an infant, need an adult to properly care for said ladyparts?

To be serious: Barack Obama’s definition of “women’s health” includes such nauseating notions as “free birth control” and “ending the health insurance practice of charging women more than men for the same coverage.”  Except we use much  more in health care than men do – we go to the doctor’s office more frequently, are more likely to have a primary care physician, and use more prescription drugs.  (Note to those who believe the logically fallacious idea that we can save money on health care costs by going to the doctor’s office more frequently: if so, women would be cheaper, not more expensive, to insure.) Ergo, we get charged more, just like someone who buys a 16 oz coffee at Starbucks gets charged more than someone who buys 12 oz of java.

We are already seeing the effects of this: the government’s recommendations for breast cancer and cervical cancer screening are at odds with those of the American Cancer Society and the American Medical Association.  At least as we’re dying of highly preventable cancer, we’ll know that we weren’t discriminated against in the process.

Update: Apparently, the original post has gone down the memory hole. Instapundit has the screen grab.


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