This guy sounds like a catch even *before* he won the lottery

Sandeep Singh is a 22-year-old Hyannis man who played the lottery a few weeks after his girlfriend dumped him.  He won $4 in a scratch ticket, bought a few MegaMillions tickets.  One of them was  a winner, good for $30.5 million. Here’s the touching part:

Singh said he will definitely share the money with his sister, who is his only sibling. He plans to pay off his mother’s mortgage, share the prize with family, and donate money to charity.

“Just pay my mom’s house off, that’s the main thing,” he said.

Singh has been helping pay his family’s bills for years, working multiple jobs to make ends meet.

He started working at McDonald’s as a teenager. He said he will be giving his two weeks’ notice at Best Buy. Singh also works as a teller at Citizens Bank and said he will give his two weeks’ notice at the end of the fiscal quarter in December, according to the state lottery.

“My dad was around and then he passed away my freshman year of high school, so that’s when I really started helping out,” he said. “My mom needs the help and my family could use it, so God definitely helped us out at the right time.”

Singh studied computer science for two years at Cape Cod Community College and hopes to use some of the money to get his bachelor’s degree in business. Singh said he never thought much about a “dream school” but will look into the University of Massachusetts.

That’s a good kid with a head on his shoulders.  He works hard, helps his family, works two jobs, studies practical things, and can’t wait to pay off his mom’s mortgage and give money to charity.  Good for him.


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