Ayn Rand, prophet

I saw Atlas Shrugged Part II this weekend, so Rand was on my mind when I read this:

And it’s not just sad cows. Family owned Zacky Farms just filed for bankruptcy protection. They raise millions of turkeys and chickens, and they can’t afford to feed their flocks either. The corn is going to ethanol and pricing them out of business. And in addition to jacking up the cost of feed corn, it’s hitting pretty much the entire spectrum of food.

  • Cereal and bakery product prices have increased almost 77%
  • Meat, poultry, fish and egg prices have increased 78%
  • Fat and vegetable oil prices have increased more than 444%

There is, as the first linked article notes, a provision in the existing EPA E10 rules – which mandate 10% ethanol in your fuel – that allows for the rule to be lifted during an emergency. Thus far six states have considered it enough of an emergency to petition asking for the rule to be lifted. The EPA’s response to date has been to stay on course to head toward E15 rules.

E15, i.e. gasoline blended to be 15% ethanol, does not destroy engines quite as efficiently as sodium silicate, but does so eventually.  (So does E10.)  The metaphor of this Administration destroying engines is not lost on me, hence the Rand reference.

If you are trying to undermine the economy, destroy the independent working class and middle class, starve people, and ruin cars all at once, the E10 and E15 plans are pure genius.  If that isn’t your goal, then you’re criminally stupid and should not be trusted with cleaning out a litter box, let alone matters of national importance.


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