ObamaCare Update: the Carnage Begins

Due to the cost of providing Cadillac health care to all full-time (i.e. working more than thirty hours a week) employees, many companies are laying people off and cutting hours.  Denny’s is adding an “ObamaCare surcharge” to all of its bills to reflect the increased cost of doing business.

Meanwhile, doctors, who spend about twelve to fifteen years of their adult lives, and about $300,000, to train for medicine, are now gravitating away from Medicare and Medicaid heavy fields. ABC gives us this headline: “Doctor Shortage Could Cause Health Care Crash.”  (Hat tip.) Hey, we told you so.

Meanwhile, medical device executives are descending on Washington to attempt to get the additional 2.3% tax on medical device sales (not profits) repealed.

You can have the “right” to technologically advanced, free health care all you want, but you have to get someone to provide it.


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