Gov. Jindal Rejects ObamaCare

Here’s Gov. Jindal’s letter to Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services.  This blogger’s favourite part:

When the PPACA was proposed, the President promised that if individuals liked their current health care insurance, they could keep it. However, the PPACA model will actually force individuals into the broken, government-run Medicaid system and into heavily-regulated, government-run health care plans (deemed “minimal essential coverage” by the Federal government).
Individuals should have the right to select what health care plan is best for them, and not be limited to a one-size-fits-all product that a political process deems is “essential”. By mandating that certain benefits be provided in all insurance plans, the price of premiums will increase, leaving individuals unable to continue the coverage they like and a price they can afford.

In practise, “minimum credible coverage” forcibly diverts huge sums of people’s money into health care spending.  You are forced to, by law, purchase a very expensive, frills-intensive health care plan, or pay a penalty.  Once you have three “free” doctor’s visits per year, you may as well use them in order to get what you pay for.  Ditto “free” contraception, in-vitro fertilisation, or a host of other goodies that people would normally go without.

It’s like requiring everyone to purchase every meal at a Ritz Carlton buffet, then saying that this will bring down the cost of meals and reduce obesity.  The way to reduce health care spending is to improve people’s ability to opt out of non-necessary procedures, rather than requiring them to purchase coverage for every procedure imaginable and then creating a panel of people to (arbitrarily) deny care.  In my buffet analogy, it would be like the government jumping into the buffet line to tell people that they can’t have any food at all.


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