I think they’re hanging out with the wrong redheads. Or the wrong men.

Really, New York Post? Really?

Being the redheaded stepchildren of the world forces gingers to develop a thick skin, they say. While anti-gingerism is prevalent in the UK (the word “ginger” is considered derogatory in England), in the US, the bias is more subtle. Redheads are thought to be “hotheads,” ill-tempered and even crazy. Millionaire matchmaker Patti Stanger suggested that red hair is a red flag on the dating scene.

“I can’t get my millionaires to date a redhead,” she said last year. “The only men who like redheads are Irish.”

While Stanger’s words drew heat (she eventually apologized), Jones grudgingly agrees, saying, “Males prefer blondes or brunettes.”

When men do pursue redheads, it’s often because they are lotharios seeking to check off a literal “to-do” list, or it’s because they watched “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” too many times and now sexualize ginger women.

Men may prefer blondes, but they want demure, sweet, pliable, and sexual blondes – not strong women.  Men who like redheads – or are at least neutral to flame-coloured tresses – are much  more fun to date.  Quality of quantity, kids, quality over quantity.

(I usually say “Don’t ask me how I know these things,” but this time, I’m going to say, “Please ask me how I know.”  The answer is that I’m a natural blonde who dyes red, and lemme tell you, my dating life radically improved.)

Patti Stranger’s opinions are reminiscent of those psychological studies, conducted on college campuses and therefore, almost entirely on college students, that purport to apply to the entire human race.  Just as we can’t necessarily derive valid conclusions about the psyches of fifty-year-olds from those college psych studies, we can’t really talk about the dating scene from the expertise of a woman who works with men who, despite their wealth, are too dysfunctional to meet a woman on their own and end up hiring someone to help out.  Just saying.


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