Vote for Achievement and Merit, not Depedendent Irresponsibility

Time’s Person of the Year is often marred by bad choices (e.g. Barack Obama), but we, the American public, do get to vote – at least for showing Time what they think.  (The votes do not actually influence whose visage is on the cover.)

Unfortunately, Sandra “I can’t afford $9/month in birth control, even though I go to a law school that costs $65,000 per year” Fluke is a nominee.  Click to open the link and vote against her – feminist lawyers shouldn’t be crying to Daddy Government to pay for their basic bills. The lack of independence, self-control, and personal responsibility is appalling and a source of shame to all women who make their own way in the world.

Fortunately, we have alternatives: we can vote for Gabby Douglas, Olympic gold medalist.  A young woman of actual achievement, of actual independence, with strong family values.

These two young women (Flukie is my age, so maybe ‘young’ is a misnomer) could not stand in more sharp contrast to each other.  Fluke’s ‘achievements’ appear to be entirely within the sack and in getting admitted to top-level schools; despite an outstanding, half-million-dollar education, she apparently can’t figure out how to buy condoms from CVS.

Douglas has fought against long odds, trained daily for years, and is a world champion in a hyper-competitive sport.  Every day, she had to demonstrate true merit in athletics and an art to get where she is – not just good grades or a really super-duper admissions essay.  Douglas perfected her technique, mastered almost impossible flips and turns, and learned to excel.  She is a role model; Sandra Fluke is a warning of what to not become.

(Other options for the achievement-oriented feminist POTY voter? Marissa Mayer or the Mars Rover.


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