The ugliness of ‘not for profit’ government health care

One of the reasons that I love Ayn Rand’s work is that she shows us, in all the gory detail, of how ‘compassionate’ policies hurt people in a way that a well-functioning free market does not.  (It’s not that capitalism is perfect; it’s just far better than any other system ever devised.)   Government-run health care is not the efficiency of the private sector combined with the lovingkindness of the local nun’s soup kitchen; it’s inefficient, disgusting, and appeals to the worst of human nature.

Michael Graham details how Britain’s health care system routinely starves people to death.  A boy died of thirst, with his tongue stuck to the roof of his mouth.  Disabled babies are left to die, showing us that we’ve come straight back to the ancient tradition of exposing newborns who were unwanted or unfit.

Sally Pipes of Forbes describes how ObamaCare makes patient-centered and doctor-centered medical care illegal.  If you thought that getting your insurance company to pay for your MRI was a bureaucratic maze, you’ve yet to see the Cretan Labyrinth, complete with rapacious Minotaur, that ObamaCare will be.


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