They see you when you’re sleeping, they see you when you’re awake

they are your crazy stalker parents, so get a restraining order against them, for goodness’ sake.  Aubrey Ireland, a senior at the University of Cincinnati, received a restraining order against her parents.  (She is also getting a merit scholarship to finish her education.)  Miss Ireland claims that her parents drove to her school (from Kansas) to check up on her; demanded that she leave Skype on while she was asleep so that they could see that she was, indeed, in her bed; and installed a keystroke logger onto her computer to monitor her work.   According to Miss Ireland, her parents accused her of promiscuity, drug use, and mental illness.

Do these parents have lives of their own?  Do they really wake up at 3 am to check Skype to see if their daughter is asleep?  Aren’t they asleep , too?

Snark aside, assuming that Ireland is accurately reporting her parents’ demands, there is no reason for Ireland’s parents to behave this way.  If she’s mentally ill, using drugs, or promiscuous to the point of hurting herself, then the correct solution is not to stalk her, but to pull her butt out of college and back to Kansas.  I’m hard-pressed to imagine a situation in which an adult would need constant monitoring (including a keystroke logger…?!) of her activities without the intervention of specialists, mental health professionals, or the court system.  If things are that bad, then bring in professionals; if they aren’t, then don’t demand to watch your adult daughter sleep via Skype.

Anyone can sue for anything, and any person can allege misdeeds, but a judge found this young woman sufficiently credible to issue a restraining order.  An impartial third party found her cogent, rational, and mentally aware enough to side with her in this situation, which does little to bolster the allegation that Ireland is abusing drugs or is suffering from severe mental illness.  Likewise, her university awarded her a merit scholarship, which would indicate that her academic performance isn’t suffering for her alleged drug use and promiscuity.


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