UFO seen in Amherst, Massachusetts

Last night, residents of Amherst, MA reported seeing a diamond-shaped UFO, roughly the size of two or three cars, that flew more slowly than do planes.  It was illuminated by dim white lights. (Story.) 

What are our options here?  Alien invasion (which would explain John Kerry)?  Secret military plane, singular?  Hoverboards? Small group of planes that appeared to be a single object? 

Commercial aircraft usually move at several hundred miles per hour.  Cessnas and other light aircraft can get airborne around 55 knots (63 mph); commercial aircraft take off around 150 mph.  You can definitely get a plane to be airborne when it travels at the speed of a car on a highway; it’s just not the planes that people fly on to get to California, nor the speed that those planes move in order to get people to their destinations in a timely manner.

If the thing is visible because of its own lights, it could have lights that are in an odd pattern but do not necessarily illuminate the entire aircraft.  Likewise, it could be a group of Cessnas or Pipers, each of which had illumination, grouped together; in such a configuration, they may look like a single, oddly-shaped plane.

Other possibility: test flight of advanced military aircraft.  Sorry, conspiracy theorists, alien loves, and Holocaust-deniers, but the military likes having American pilots in highly-advanced aircraft, and likes Americans to be protected with the most advanced technology around.  It also likes people to not know that they are being protected with this stuff, because then our enemies don’t know about it.  If you think it’s aliens, you aren’t going to spill to the Chinese, Russians, North Koreans, or whomever about our fancy new toys that can kick the butts of their not-so-fancy toys.

Yeah, I’m a killjoy.  There’s aircraft out there – called Cessnas or Pipers – that can fly close to the ground at a relatively slow rate of speed.  Planes flying together can give the illusion of one big plane.  Unless E.T. drops out of the cockpit, it’s nothing special.



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4 responses to “UFO seen in Amherst, Massachusetts

  1. Galileo

    Yes people never saw a Cessna fly over their heads………..and do not forget Cessna have electric motor

    • bridget

      They have – but not at night, and it was more illustrative of the fact that planes don’t always fly at 300 mph – in fact, many very common planes are airborne at 60 mph.

  2. Ben

    Well…the military has PLENTY of restricted airspace in which to test all manner of top secret craft. No reason to fly over populated areas. Also “dim white lights” doesn’t fit the standard green and red/white anti-collision lights of any normal aircraft. Hoverboards indeed!

  3. I did’t see it and I live in Amherst. UFO sightings have increased so much over the years I’m no really that one showed up here. It was one of the classic shapes reported. Who knows. Why aliens would come to Amherst is beyond me.

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