Between Scylla and Charybdis

You know, sometimes I get bored of writing about the whole debacle that is ObamaCare, so I write about UFOs.  But then I can’t help but point out, over and over, how the news that comes out every day shows us what a disaster this thing will be.  The latest, via InstapunditDemocrats are thinking of taxing expensive health care plans (valued at more than $14,000).

“Okay,” you think, “What’s wrong with taxing Cadillac health care plans?  If you want to have health care that pays for acupuncture, aromatherapy, and such, you should be paying taxes on that, not getting it tax-free.”  To which I say: yeah, except the feds are now mandating that everyone buy Cadillac health care, and the average family plan under ObamaCare will be $15,000

Well, that’s diabolically brilliant, Congress: mandate that everyone buy expensive ‘insurance’, tax people who don’t buy it (by accusing them of being free riders), and tax people who do buy it (by accusing them of having luxury health plans).  Evil, but effective.


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