Twenty-first century relationships aren’t actual relationships, apparently

In this NY Times article about the dating woes of twenty-somethings in Manhattan, singles describe being asked out on dates via text message, for what aren’t actual dates.  While this isn’t the main reason that I blocked texting to my phone years ago, it’s a great unintentional benefit: if he can’t text me, he can’t ask me out by text. 

Chicas, do not go out with a man who texts you for a date. This may mean you’ll go on fewer dates, but they will be actual dates, not pseudo-dates, and you shall not be wasting your emotional energy.  You are not being high-maintenance by asking that he at least g-chat you for a date.

The notion that it’s either “hanging out” or an expensive, unaffordable, princess date is also absurd.  If you have student loans for a liberal arts degree, you’ve learned what a false dichotomy is.  Surely, he can take you out for coffee and a muffin.  Or he can stick coffee in a Thermos and take you to Central Park for cuddling on a blanket and watching the swans (wait, those are in Boston) dirty city pigeons.

Now, my twenty-four year old self did not know these things.  My twenty-five year old self figured it out when interning in D.C., where I met other think-tank interns who kept taking me out on actual dates that involved the Smithsonian and silly excuses to buy my macchiatos.  I’m here to pass that wisdom onto the next generation.


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