Some quick health care policy and cost links

From Walter Russell Mead, “Why America is Going Broke.”  It is not simply the cost of health care itself, but the efficiency in administering it.

A study of which hospital services contributed the most to growth in 2001-2006; hint, it’s not more radiology and diagnostic testing. Those services, however, will be the first to be rationed or cut during ObamaCare, and radiologists will be making substantially less money.

ObamaCare, by the way, will make life even harder on underpaid university adjuncts.  As anyone who works over thirty hours per week will be entitled to “free” health care, paid for by the employer (perhaps with a modest co-pay by the employee), universities will cut the hours of their adjuncts.  (Yes, these are non-profit, accredited universities.)  The predictable result: instead of being an adjunct at one school, you’ll be an adjunct at two, which will increase your commuting costs and the time spent away from home.  Alternatively, you’ll merely see your hours get cut, which means even less take-home pay.

As a health-related item, cities are declaring war on food trucks.  The usual over-regulation is the culprit, which will either drive food trucks out of business, or will drive up prices (no pun intended).  I’m not a food truck aficionado, but I do appreciate the variety of consumables that are on them, as well as the general healthiness – you can get hummus, veggies, stir-fry, and tofu at McDonald’s prices, but not at McDonald’s quality (or lack thereof).


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