Apparently, Cornell University and GULC did not teach economics to Sandra Fluke

Via Chicks on the Right, Sandra Fluke compares contraception coverage to leukemia coverage:

COTR makes good points about choosing one’s employer, a free market for one’s work and one’s mind, but I’m going to attack this absurdity from another angle.

Economics is “the study of scarce resources which have alternative uses.”  (Sowell, Thomas.)  Religious liberty aside, every insurance dollar spent on Sandra Fluke’s sex life is an insurance dollar not spent on covering leukemia.  If you want to provide “free” birth control, you have two options:

1. Raise the cost of insurance premiums; or

2. Reduce spending on cancer, broken legs, Alzheimer’s, coronary artery disease, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.

(I will note, again, that if ‘free’ contraception actually reduced costs for insurance companies, those greedy bastards would have already put it into every plan and would charge more, not less, for plans without such coverage.)  If you really care about covering leukemia, you would make it easy to get coverage for leukemia, rather than conditioning people’s ability to get leukemia insurance on them paying for you to do the horizontal bop.

Not only is the comparison between contraception (a non-essential prescription drug) and leukemia absurd, the reality is that requiring people to pay for contraception coverage will reduce leukemia coverage.  If you care about cancer-ridden kids, get rid of this mandate.


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