Health care law, economics, and related musings

Not musings, exactly, but the things that I would blog about in more detail if I had more time to blog.

Crony capitalism is an oxymoron.  It’s cronyism, and it’s not just for conservatives.  An Obama ally got $340 million to set up health care co-ops, despite a “chronic record of consumer and regulatory complaints.”  Now, I have nothing against the consumer protection that is often championed by the Left.  What I do have a problem with is the selective enforcement and targeting thereof, which gives the impression that for many liberals, it’s not about the actual principle; it’s about winning.  I will also point out that a capitalist system does not reward those with a “chronic record of consumer and regulatory complaints”; those people go out of business or mend their ways.  Government largesse, however, allows them to continue without having to worry about pesky do-gooding competitors stealing their customers.

Like Clint Eastwood Talking to a Chair” – an essay on the Obamacare ruling.

Another day, another blog post about doctors leaving medical care en masse.  Look, these people didn’t get straight As in high school and college, then go to medical school, then spend six years in residency, and get half-million dollar educations in order to do anything but save people’s lives.  They certainly didn’t do it to become paper-pushing bureaucrats.

ObamaCare adds $62 trillion to the long-term budget deficit.  But, you know, it’s


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