From MSN: Hippie brands that lean right

Some Wednesday afternoon fluff.

I think conservatives err in automatically conceding the pro-environment, recycling, organic-food ground to liberals.  As Whole Foods demonstrates, you can make a very good living by providing people with organic food, recycled containers, and an earth-friendly shopping experience.  As a conservative, my reaction is – “Great, shop at WF if you can afford it and that is how you choose to spend your money.  Just don’t demand that broke people run up their credit card bills shopping at Whole Foods instead of Wal-Mart, Target, Kroger, or Demoulas.”

It is also worth noting that the free market is very good at improving the environment, if people want a better environment: it simply advertises that company acts in an earth-friendly manner and lets customers choose where to spend their money.  This is not to say that the government does not have a role in promoting environmentalism, but it does not do all things within its power equally well.  Solyndra is a prime example of doing badly.  On the other end of the spectrum, you have aluminum can redemption.  The beauty of that is that it is very inexpensive and energy-efficient to recycle aluminum, and consumers who do not think it is worth 5 cents to recycle a can may forfeit their money.  (I will also confess to throwing the things in the curbside recycling bin rather than spending $2 in gas to drive them to the recycling place at the grocery store.)

Okay, that deviated from fluff.  Happy Wednesday!


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