A pet peeve

Okay, it’s not a cute and furry pet, like Sir Boots (who narrowly missed being Pope Feline the First) – a rant.  Sorry, y’all.

If women want to be like men in the workplace, academia, and in politics, why on earth do they flatly refuse to engage men as other men do?  Why get all emotional about things that are questions of rights, duties, and safeguarding the American public?

Dianne Feinstein argued with Ted Cruz about the Constitution in a manner that made her look like a child (or a Seinfeld character). Her response, rather than debate the merits of limiting a long-cherished Constitutional right that protects our very lives, was to say that she felt like she was being patronised. This was after she brought up heart-wrenching stories about her time in San Francisco.

Boo frickin hoo, Dianne.  You are a United States Senator and among the most elite of all politicians.  If you cannot debate a man with statistics, evidence, logic, history, and constitutional theory, then just declare feminism a tragic mistake.

I’m not asking women to be perfect, unemotional, or to not use their special talents and gifts in the workplace.  Okay, the last part made me gag a bit, so maybe I am saying that.  Marissa Mayer has been ripped apart by women for having the audacity to use data to determine that working from home is not effective for a company.  The woman gets more scrutiny than does Sarah Palin’s reproductive organs – mostly by other women, who apparently hate her for being rational and putting the company first (like CEOs are paid to do).

It appears that women want the perks of being a man – the paychecks, the glamour, the titles – without the long hours, sacrifices, and hard work of putting logic front and centre.

Dianne Feinstein wasn’t patronised because of her chromosomes; she is being laughed at for her foolish, emotionally-driven arguments, and the implied belief that her feelings trump the Constitution.  That we refuse to change the meaning of the longest extant constitution in the world, in one of the freest lands on Earth, for the feelings of one woman seems to be a pretty natural thing to do.  That she chooses to be insulted by such is either hysteria (in the true sense of the term) or utter narcissism. “Feminists” like to say that the personal is the political, but they fail to understand that we can’t run a nation based on their neuroses.  We have to consider the welfare of three hundred million other people.


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