It’s Furball Day at Fog of Law

Pope Francis blessed the guide dog of a vision-impaired journalist who visited the Vatican.

Asia [yellow lab guide puppy] walked by Forlani’s side and approached pope Francis, giving his white robe a brief sniff and then patiently waited while Forlani spoke with the pope. Forlani asked the pope for a blessing for his wife and daughter. The pope wanted to make sure Asia also got a blessing,“ He said, ‘and a special blessing for your dog too,’” Recalled Forlani. The pope reached down and stroked the yellow Lab. The pope’s attention and affection toward Asia is fitting for the name he took as St. Francis is the patron saint of animals.


A U.S. Tax Court ruling indicates that the costs associated with fostering an animal are now tax-deductible.  (WSJ article.)  The basic theory is that people who foster animals are rendering services to a 501(c)(3) and incurring expenses in the process.  (This assumes that the animal shelter is a 501(c)(3).)  Note the various legal stipulations – the shelter needs to provide acknowledgement for expenses in excess of $250, for example – but good news for the furball-loving among us.


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