The sun rises in the east, the Pope is Catholic, and the private sector beats the pants off the public sector

Via Instapundit:

HOW MUCH DOES AN OBAMACARE STATE INSURANCE EXCHANGE COST?:   In California, a whopping $910 million– and counting!  Funded by you and me.  By contrast, online insurance giant esurance cost about $40 million to get up and running, facilitating the comparison and purchase  of all types of insurance, not just health insurance.  Ah, the efficiencies of government!

There are ways to reduce the cost of health care and to reduce overhead.  ObamaCare does the exact opposite of those things, which is why small businesses, young people, and individuals are going to see a huge premium spike.

Because really, only in government would a 61-page health insurance application be part of a Paperwork Reduction Act. (I will add that private insurance companies, even those that discriminate based on preexisting conditions, are able to get you to sign up with a much more straightforward application.  One only wonders how many social workers will be permanent government employees, whose sole purpose is to shepherd people through the ginormous application.)


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