What’s not good for the goose is not good for the gander

James Taranto writes on Amanda Marcotte on Julia Shaw’s pro-young-marriage article. Shaw married young and thinks it was a great decision; Marcotte thinks it’s a terrible idea; Taranto highlighted some of Marcotte’s reasoning.  Amanda writes,

Watching conservatives desperately try to bully women into younger marriage with a couple of promises and a whole lot of threats is highly entertaining but clearly not persuasive. Women marry later because it makes sense given their own career aspirations. . . . I’m glad young marriage is working out for Shaw, but for the majority of women, dating and cohabitating until they’re more sure is working out just fine. If he’s good enough to marry, he’ll still be around when you’re ready to make that leap.

Ya know, my thought is that any guy who strings a woman along, rationalising that if she’s good enough to marry, she’ll be at his beck and call and won’t bother looking for someone emotionally functional and available, is a man who is not worth marrying.  A working definition of “not marriage material” is “a dude who strings you along for years while he finds himself and always puts your mature desire for commitment second to his childish desires to play the field.”

And ladies, if men who behave that way aren’t worth your precious time, then do not treat men that way.


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