Palin Derangement Syndrome becomes Thatcher Derangement Syndrome

When you move to the other side of the pond.

Thatcher’s achievements are not “every woman’s” achievements, but she did shatter a glass ceiling and was one of the most powerful and influential world leaders of the late twentieth century.  With Reagan and Pope John Paul II, she helped to bring about the fall of communism and liberated millions of people from starvation and oppression.  Those of us who have always lived in the West, in the land of the free, cannot really understand that not getting government benefits is in no way analogous to being starved to death by your government.

It’s remarkable how women turn into jealous brats, and men, into insecure misogynists, when confronted with a brilliant and powerful woman.  Perhaps they hate her because she does not need them, and the only weapon they have – their hatred and disapproval – is the one they will wield.  Sarah from Alaska didn’t need the modern feminist movement (but pays homage to Title IX, Geraldine Ferraro, and Hillary Clinton), and they hated her, too.

Update: More Margaret Thatcher hateSome seriously sexist bile for the Baroness from Russell Brand, including the obligatory insult to her mothering capabilities:

You could never call Margaret ‘Mother’ by mistake; for a national matriarch, she was oddly unmaternal. I always felt a bit sorry for her biological children Mark and Carol, wondering from whom they would get their cuddles. “Thatcher as mother” seemed, to my tiddly mind, anathema; how could anyone who was so resolutely Margaret Thatcher be anything else? In the Meryl Streep film, it’s the scenes of domesticity that appear most absurd. Knocking up a flan for Dennis or helping Carol with her algebra or Mark with his gunrunning are jarring distractions from the main narrative: woman as warrior queen.

Prat alert!


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