Please. We’ve all seen National Geographic.

After a few years in R&D, I got to be a bit of a variable-Nazi: have you controlled for all of your variables?  Are you sure?  No, really, did you?  So when I read things like thisa French researcher who claimed that wearing bras causes breasts to sag – I am sceptical.

Yahoo already pointed out that the study examined only young women, leaving the long-term effects of bralessness in doubt.  But what I want to know is whether or not Professor Jean-Denis Rouillon controlled for breast size.  It should be axiomatic that large breasts will sag more and that smaller-chested women have an easier time without a bra.  Therefore, one could measure how much breasts sag over fifteen years and determine that women who do not wear bras have perkier breasts than those who wear bras, but the researchers would really be measuring breast size, not bra usage.


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