Who knew that Auntie Seraphic had so much feminist snark in her?

Of course, she might not call herself a feminist, but she skewers the cruel demands of men who believe that women ought to be covered from head to toe lest we lead them into temptation:

 Again I realize my male readers will feel indignant and want to say something about custody of the eyes. After all they have eyes, too, and they manage to keep them off our bodies, so why can’t we keep our eyes off theirs? Ah, boys. Boys, boys, boys. My little flowers. My little flowers of the forest. My little flowers of the forest in your kilts and woolly socks stretched over swelling calves that meet muscular knees and visible over those manly knees is perhaps an inch of bare, muscled…Where was I?
Oh yes. Custody of the eyes. It is all very well talking about custody of the eyes, but we are your sisters. We need your help. We need you to stop wearing what you like, or what is fashionable, or what looks nice, or what is available in stores. After all, what is taste, fashion, beauty and availability to our own, personal, ever-shifting comfort zones?

Yes, men and women are different, blah blah blah.  But gentlemen, if you purport to be the stronger sex and the spiritual leader of your household, act like a freakin’ grown-up and don’t throw a temper tantrum if you see a woman’s thigh.


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