Looks like I’m 10 years ahead of my time

Back when I was in college – a very lefty, ‘progressive’ school – the students and professors were irate over the potential war in Iraq.  The students threatened to walk out of class.  The professors threatened to cancel class in protest.  I couldn’t help but think, “Hey guys, walking out of class isn’t going to change U.S. military policy. Not getting the education that your parents are paying $40,000 a year for isn’t helping anyone, not even yourselves or your cause.  Oh, and professors?  My family isn’t shelling out enough for a brand-new Lexus SUV so that you can not do your job for some pointless, meaningless, ineffective little protest. Okay, fine, even if it were meaningful and had a point and effected change, you don’t have a right to said protest at my expense.”

Now Dartmouth and Oberlin have joined the crew of “let’s cancel classes to make a point!”  (Hat tip.)  Some students are understandably quite irate.

A poll of nearly 1,200 students by The Dartmouth found that 67 percent of students said canceling classes was not “an appropriate response,” and 57 percent said it was not effective.

I don’t expect college to be the real world, but this is absurd.  There is little reason to stop teaching differential equations or the history of the Roman empire because of intra-campus kerfuffles. All it does it to hold students’ education hostage to the whims of various angry, vocal members of campus.


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