In which hipsters copy Sarah Palin

Alex Williams writes about how hipsters name their babies: foolishly and pretentiously.  Okay, the adjectives are mine.  Williams has this to say about names:

What’s in a name? What isn’t, these days? Baby naming has become an industry — with paid consultants, books, Web sites brimming with trend data, and academic studies exploring correlations between baby names and future success. The once-simple task of coming up with a monogram for the baby blanket has evolved into a high-stakes exercise in personal “branding.”

Perhaps I should have added “self-absorbed” to that, since it’s really hard to see how naming another person involves improving the brand of the person bestowing the name.  Every time little Nanou calls up for a pizza, the person on the phone isn’t going to think “Wow, I must get to know her dad!” In reality, little Nanou will spend her life spelling her name for people and explaining her name at every social interaction.

Besides, since when do hipsters imitate Sarah Palin?  Back in the Bush Administration – the Bush Senior Administration – Sarah and Todd started giving their kids quirky, unique names that are easy to spell – Track, Bristol, Willow, Piper, and Trigg.  (Okay, maybe the last one throws people with the double v. single G, but the others are easy.)  Since when do hipsters follow the twenty-year-old trend started by the snowbilly of Alaska?





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