Hilary Jane Margeret White’s epic “choice” rant

It’s not a rant, per se, but Miss White discusses everything from the problems with schools turning into the arbiters of healthy eating to gun control and sexuality. It’s also not a blog post about “choice” so much as one about personal responsibility.  She argues that the whole “safe sex” mindset triggered this madness, wherein teenagers were encouraged to indulge their whims, treated as if they lacked self-control, and (with taxpayer funded abortion and contraception) other people are responsible for the consequences.

My only addition to her spectacular essay is that we’ve inverted the normal range of choices that we expect that people can make.  Back in the dark ages, we assumed that a fourteen-year-old could figure out how to fix a healthy dinner for herself (ergo, she knows what is healthy and what is not, and is capable of putting a piece of chicken in the oven and a salad in a bowl).  We also assumed that she wasn’t able to make any  meaningful choice about sexual activity, i.e. the only rational choice would be to not have sex at the tender age of 14.   Now, society has decided that a fourteen-year-old can give valid consent to sexual activity with a voting-age adult, but can’t be responsible for reading a nutrition label.


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