Can we please run this country like Chicago?

Because it would be less corrupt.  Really, it would be.

Via James O’Keefe, the Department of Justice gave journalist status to Curtis Morrison, the man who illegally bugged Sen. Mitch McConnell’s office.   One ramification of this is that any individual or entity who wants  to subpoena Morrison’s records will need Eric Holder’s approval.

James O’Keefe is livid.  As he pointed out in his Facebook post, “I was arrested, incarcerated, Defamed, Placed on probation, restricted from traveling, had my bank accounts audited and my emails leaked… after taping Landrieu’s staffers legally.”  Yes, O’Keefe’s taping itself was legal; his entry into the building was a misdemeanour, because he entered under false pretenses.  His non-crime is the kind of overreaching, all-encompassing ridiculousness that is used as a bludgeon to criminalise behaviour that the powers-that-be do not like, but when no other crime has been committed.

Curtis Morrison revealed his tape in the fall; over eight months later, he has yet to be indicted.  It’s clear that he illegally eavesdropped on the conversation; he openly admits to “intercepting” a “wire, oral, or electronic communication“.  (Morrison’s actions do not appear to be privileged.)  Again, for the cheap seats, the guy has not even been indicted.

What’s clear is that the wrongdoing of people like Morrison will be ignored, while people like James O’Keefe – guilty of a far lesser criminal act – will be prosecuted.  As I said in the post title, can we run this country like Chicago and cut down on the corruption?  O’Keefe went to talk to Landrieu’s staffers about her allegedly “down” telephone system; they didn’t have any expectation of privacy in their conversation.  Morrison blatantly eavesdropped.  Yet O’Keefe was arrested almost immediately.


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