ObamaCare prediction

The Obama Administration has announced a delay of the “tax” on employers who do not provide their employees with health insurance.   The tax was supposed to take place in 2014, just before the midterm elections; it will be delayed until after November, 2014, so that the electorate will

Before anyone gets too excited, this was the point all along.  We needed “government accounting” to make this law “budget neutral”: ten years of revenue, six years of payments, and the CBO would score it as “budget neutral” over the maximum period that they may look at (i.e. ten years).  The second benefit to the delay is to ensure that the pain would come after the 2012 elections: either Obama would be firmly ensconced in the White House, or Mitt Romney would have taken the blame.  Likewise, the benefits were doled out immediately before the election: in August 2012, insurance companies were forced to send rebate checks to their customers and were forced to say that it was because of ObamaCare.

This latest round of politicking over ObamaCare is more of the same.  Low-information voters (which should be an oxymoron) get checks in the mail, government bennies, and not much pain – so they think ObamaCare is great.  The Administration does not want them to sit in front of employers in 2014 and be told, “We only hire for a maximum of 29 hours a week.  We would love to take you on full-time, but we can’t afford ObamaCare.”

Now, my prediction: sometime around 2020, the Supreme Court will rule that various mandates in ObamaCare are unconstitutional, based on an “evolving standard” of decency and will condemn the writers of the law as backwards and bigoted.  Barack Obama will cheer the news.

I crack myself up.



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2 responses to “ObamaCare prediction

  1. Theo

    The last bit was very funny.

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