Our current health care system does not resemble any sort of free market

This, however, is free market health care.  Oklahoma doctors are putting their prices up online and starting bidding wars for patients.  Patients have gone to their own hospitals with a plane ticket to Oklahoma in hand, then asked the hospital to match the all-inclusive price of surgery.

Dr. Keith Smith’s medical group also does not accept Medicaid or Medicare, because the regulations would prohibit them from posting their prices online and charging what they charge.  Yes, my friends, as I’ve long said, you can’t give discount health care and be a Medicare/Medicaid provider.  (This is also why plastic surgery and cosmetic dentistry are so transparent with their prices, and have the better quality/lower price trend that is seen in computers, iPods, and pretty much anything in the free market.)

As a final point, Dr. Smith says this:

“What we’ve discovered is health care really doesn’t cost that much,” said Smith. “What people are being charged for is another matter altogether.”

I’ve heard that primary care doctors spend $47 per patient filling out insurance forms; the insurance company spends approximately the same amount of money.  Your premiums will pay for, in roughly equal numbers: your doctor’s visit; your doctor’s costs to fill out insurance paperwork; and your insurance company to process the payment.  If you want to pay for medical care plus administrative overhead, be my guest, but please don’t force the entire nation into that system.


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