The oddest thing about the Jennifer Rosoff “feminist” debacle

….is that someone thought that 12:50 am in New York City, on a weekend, is “late at night”.

Briefly: a beautiful, talented, successful 35-year-old woman died in New York City.   The Associated Press reported on the story; some crazy pseudo-feminist blogger (see above) got all sorts of attention for claiming that the coverage of Rosoff’s death was sexist, as it implied that Jennifer Rosoff was up past an appropriate hour.  (Via Althouse.) No self-respecting New Yorker thinks that Rosoff was up “late at night,” which makes it hard for anyone to believe that the coverage implied that she was up “late at night.”  Midnight in Manhattan is what people in other areas refer to as “early evening.”

Snark aside: this young woman is dead.  It’s entirely crass to use her death as an opportunity to expostulate on your own pet grievances against the world.  Anderson’s words are asinine – they need no rebuttal, only a few tissues to wipe away the tears of laughter – but her words are crass.  She believes that even this woman’s death is an opportunity to beat the feminist drum.

Let Rosoff’s family bury their daughter, sister, niece.  Her parents are going through the hell of burying a child – so unusual in America in the twenty-first century – and really don’t need people bleating about whether the news coverage of their daughter’s death was appropriately compliant with third-wave feminist standards.



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