It’s a great idea, so long as it’s not published in the newspaper

The New York Daily News reports that Karma Nirvana, a UK-based charity, counsels girls who are being forced into arranged marriages, which often take place overseas.  One of the clever ideas is to have the girls hide spoons in their underwear: the spoon will set off a metal detector and give the girl a moment alone with a security guard.  She can then explain the situation and be taken to a safe place, without her family being the wiser.

Now, that’s clever, provided the family forcing the girl into marriage is unaware of this little trick.  Now that it’s been published in a major newspaper, family members will check a girl’s panties before taking her to the airport.  The spoon will be removed; she will be punished for her obvious desire to disobey the family; and she will be sold or given into marriage.



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