It does a disservice to holiday treats to refer to Judith Gille as a fruitcake

New York Times writer Judith Gille apparently took parenting lessons from Catherine Newman.  Here is the train wreck of an opinion piece about having her daughter and her daughter’s boyfriend trash her apartment, have sex in her bed, and treat her like a servant.

Then in May, the school year ended and my daughter came home for the summer. After being away for so long, she could barely wait to see her boyfriend. He moved into her bedroom the night she arrived and hardly ever left, except to attend his last few classes of high school. [….]

The biggest problem was that my daughter and her boyfriend brought with them a level of messiness I had grown unaccustomed to. They shed clothing like dogs shed fur, peppering the apartment with sweatshirts, T-shirts and underwear. They preferred my shower to hers and soon the drain was clogged with hair.

While I was out of town on business, they moved into my bedroom, too; I have a king-size bed and they found it roomier. They produced mounds of laundry, garbage and recycling. The water and electricity bills both shot up.

Gille blames her overly conservative, Midwestern upbringing for her inability to be a parent to her daughter. (No, I’m not kidding; read page 2.)

Ironically, Gille ends up writing an opus to conservative values – not deliberately, of course, but it is reductio ad absurdum.  What she presents is so untenable that the alternative(s) must be the appropriate answer.


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