ObamaCare Round-Up

The ObamaCare exchanges are set to open 0n 01 October.  In the final week before that happens, I’ll post several collections of links on the subject.

Da TechGuy explains how the House Republicans can keep the government moving during a shutdown and not fund ObamaCare. (I will note that there are rules for a government shutdown, which involve only marginally more pain than the sequester.)

The “price” of some insurance plans is dropping, but that is only because the actual insurance plans are less comprehensive than they were before.  More on that subject from Avik Roy of Forbes.

Bill Clinton explains that ObamaCare depends on fleecing the young, whoops, I mean, getting the Young Invincibles to buy insurance.  His comment about “maybe a hundred bucks a month or so” is completely disingenuous: I’m a 32-year-old woman with no preexisting conditions, a non-smoker, and of a very healthy weight, and I pay $353 per month.

I’m not alone in that; Fox News details the story of a family whose insurance premiums are skyrocketing under ObamaCare.   His family used to pay $333 per month, but is now paying $965 per month.  Who really needs an extra seven thousand dollars every year?  That’s only the cost of a decent used car.

Amanda Marcotte writes that ObamaCare does not involve Uncle Sam policing anyone’s sex life.  (A quick debunking: the Politi”fact” rating is based on conflating a lot of semi-relevant questions, e.g. about electronic health records being part of the ARRA, not the PPACA.  Nowhere does it address the fact that electronic health records will be a massive violation of privacy.)

Prof. William Jacobson compares ObamaCare to Medicaid: the “right” to medical treatment, without any doctors who are willing to provide it.  (As I keep saying, there is no such thing as a positive right in a free society: such ‘rights’ require someone else to provide the good or service, and eventually, no free person will do so under the pricing and regulatory structure of the government.)

Paul Rahe on the value of Ted Cruz’s filibuster.


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