The ObamaCare rollout disaster

Sorry, folks, for not blogging much: things around the Bridget&Boots household have gotten a little busy recently.

The ObamaCare exchanges have been an unmitigated disaster: almost $650 million for a site that crashes, selling plans with premiums that are hideously expensive, and not encouraging young, relatively affluent people to enroll.

There is some evidence that the sites are crashing due to a deliberate decision to not allow people to browse plans without first submitting their information.  (Story here.)  The theory is that people will first see what subsidies they are eligible for; they will not first wince at the cost of plans, which are artificially high for those who are young and healthy. Problematically, that creates a huge bottleneck as one server verifies everyone’s personal information, determines their subsidies, and then shows them what plans will cost.

Whatever ObamaCare is about, it’s not about getting cheap health care for the fifty million people in America who lack health insurance.



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