ObamaCare Links

A quick round-up of some of the more fun ObamaCare roll-out stories:

Steven Hayward calls the ObamaCare roll-out a “Hayekian teaching moment.”

Instapundit links to the connections between the IRS scandal and ObamaCare.  No, it’s not right-wing fear-mongering to point out that it’s a bad idea to put the IRS in charge of health care.  (Sorry to link to more links, but we’re going for brevity today.)

Megan McArdle says that ObamaCare needs a “drop-dead date,” by which time we decide the law is unworkable and repeal it.   She touches on the scope of ObamaCare, e.g. the volume of regulations and how those must interface with either a state or federal online exchange system, and how that has hindered the roll-out of the exchanges. As a conservative, I know that the sheer scope of this project is precisely the problem: the federal government simply lacks the knowledge and ability to run health care for three hundred million people.  HHS has very little actual knowledge of what actual people want and can afford in a health care plan, and has almost no knowledge of how insurance companies price their products – or even what products they choose to offer.

Doctors and hospitals are requiring patients to pay their entire deductible up-front.  Yay, ObamaCare!



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