The people who were not interviewed in “After Tiller”

There is a documentary out called After Tiller, which interviews  four MDs who perform late-term abortions.  Maya of the radical pro-choice Feministing reviews it here.  The movie also interviews women seeking late-terms abortions and some pro-life activists.

The group that is not interviewed, however, are the little kids whose mothers are considering aborting them. Their stories are not told in After Tiller nor in any other media outlet.  The only time when we hear from these kids is when they are adults, like Gianna Jessen. By not telling their stories, or finding grown abortion survivors, the After Tiller writers make their conclusion one of their founding premises: that an unborn child has nothing of value to say, no story to be told, no rights to a life that could be lived.

An unborn child cannot speak, but  neither can a newborn and even some toddlers.  Yet, we understand that they are all members of our society, with basic human rights, and who will eventually be able to tell their stories about the meaning of their lives.  If there were a debate about ending a young toddler’s life, the toddler’s right to life would obviously figure into whatever decision-making process were to happen; yet, with abortion, one side has unilaterally decided that another party has no rights, no voice, no future worth fighting for.

After Tiller cannot be complete without hearing the voices of those who are most deeply affected by abortion, i.e. those whose mothers are considering aborting them.  The producers could have talked to Gianna Jessen (survivor of a botched abortion) or Rebecca Kiessling (whose father raped her mother) – women who would have said, “If my mother had an abortion, I would be decaying medical waste, not a grown woman with a valuable life.”


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