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Congratulations, Boston Red Sox – the second team in the history of baseball to go from last place to World Series champions, and to deliver the first World Series win at Fenway since the Sox defeated the Cubs in 1918.

It was a team effort – no more Big Papi batting over .700 while the rest of the team averaged .150.  In fact, they didn’t even pitch to David Ortiz until the eighth (if memory serves me correctly); those six runs were scored with other batters hitting them in.  When Victorino said that Boston could get the duck boats ready, he was serious: the entire team played great baseball to get the trophy.

Baseball: that sport that has changed so little in over a hundred years. The players are stronger and the bat technology is better, but it’s still the game it has always been. It lacks the showboating of basketball, the physicality of hockey and American football: aside from the occasional brawl, it is players matching strength, skill, and strategy against the same.

Baseball is the game of hope – a game that is not over until the last out is made.  Hockey, football, and basketball are all timed sports, wherein there’s often some point, long before the official end of the game, when the game is over; but it’s never too late for a comeback in baseball. In a nation with more rags-to-riches stories than any other, where octogenarians finish their college degrees, what could be more appropriate than a sport wherein teams rally during the ninth to win a game, or overcome 3-0 deficits to win a series?

Baseball is Americana at its best. I’m excited for the duck boat parade on Saturday morning; after all this city went through in April, we could use the unbridled joy of watching the boys of October up on a duck boat. I’m even happier that it’s a duck boat parade for baseball – for the team that visited the injured in the hospital, reunited Jeff and Carlos to throw out the first pitch, and for the sport that is so quintessentially American.

Thank you, Cardinals, for a great series; thank you, Red Sox, for winning it for Boston.


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