Since this is a health care law and policy blog…

I should probably blog about the ObamaCare roll-out. But really, there’s not much to say that Instapundit or Patterico have not said better than and before I say it.

Here’s a sample: Patterico on a cancer patient who is dying and whose insurance got cancelled.  As Dianne Feinstein just told us, this is not unexpected: the point was that you could keep your health care plan until ObamaCare was enacted.

The ObamaCare website underestimates the cost of plans by as much as halfObamaCare hurts poor, rural Americans  (but they voted for Mitt Romney, so who cares?). That might be why ObamaCare “deepens the disconnect between Main Street and Washington.” After all, people on Main Street use Firefox or Safari, and one state exchange can only be viewed in Internet Explorer.

As I’ve long said, a big government naturally favours big business: they can buy a seat at the lobbying table, while you and I have very limited (or no) influence. It shouldn’t be a surprise that premiums are going up because Big Pharma bought favourable treatment.

Ultimately, I have a really hard time blogging about the ObamaCare roll-out because I was so wrong about it. I thought that prices would go up, coverage would go down, and people would be forced into plans they didn’t want. I had no idea that it would be this bad. Sorry, Fog of Law readers: I predicted a tidal wave and a storm surge; we got a tsunami.


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