ObamaCare: blue-collar workers pay for Ivy League PhDs!

An Albuquerque-based couple gave up their lucrative, stable careers to become artists – artists who make a combined $24,000 per year. (Hat tip: Legal Insurrection.) Mark Horst has a Ph.D. in theology from Yale University; his wife, Elizabeth, has a Yale degree and had a psychology practise before she gave it up to paint. If a power couple wants to drop out of the rat race and live the life of artists in genteel poverty, more power to them. Unfortunately for the rest of us working schlubs, they are getting free health care via ObamaCare.

If I wanted to support the Horst family and help them pay for their health care, I would purchase some of their wares. If they are terrible artists and couldn’t find people to buy their stuff, or couldn’t charge enough for their things to create a living wage for themselves, they could work during the day and create art in their free time.

Many of us would love to get out of the rat race, move into the desert, and spend our days painting and throwing pottery. We remain in the working world not out of a lack of enlightenment, but rather a desire to provide for ourselves and our families. As unglamourous as it sounds, we need people to scrub toilets, pick up the trash, run electrical wires through our houses, deliver food and goods to stores, grow crops, build computers, write our estate plans, and generally do all the things that an advanced society needs to be done.  This “enlightened, progressive” system we have mandates that people who do tedious or messy jobs, solely to earn a living, are forced to become patrons of the arts, without even the benefit of a painting or a mug.

Some of the evil of socialism is that we become our brother’s micromanagers. In a capitalist society, no one cares what the Horst Family, Ph.D., does with its time; in a society wherein we must pay for their decisions, we have a very vested interest in telling them to stop clowning around and get a real job.


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