The cost of waking up in the morning

The Atlantic has an article about the start-up scene in Obama, Nebraska.  Yep, Omaha: land of inexpensive rent, low overhead, and a business-friendly environment. Millenials are flocking to the city to live the dream: their own business, or stability at a Fortune 500 company, their own home, and the ability to save some money.

One of the problems with modern life is that it’s really expensive to get out of bed in the morning.  By that, I mean non-negotiable, everyday expenses that are a part of being alive: housing, food, gas to go buy your food, electricity, oil if you have a furnace, and health insurance or health care. That is before we’ve had any fun, paid off any student loans or other debt, or even driven to our jobs.

The more money that you funnel into any one aspect of living, the less there is for others.  Omaha is thriving because it doesn’t force people to spend a bunch of money just to be alive: cheap housing, food, and schooling ensures that people can make a living on less money, or a better living on the same money.

Contrast that with modern day economic policy in Washington: a system designed to funnel all of our money into housing, education, and health care. The cost of getting out of bed in Obama’s America is far higher than it is in Omaha, Nebraska, and that isn’t going any favours for anyone.


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