“That’s reparations paid by women for their defeat in the sexual revolution”

Via Da Tech Guy, a discussion on how women in this liberal paradise are selling themselves to older men for health insurance and are being treated like sex objects in ads to promote ObamaCare.  His pithy comment at the end – the title of this post- encapsulates the heart of this problem: women lost the sexual revolution.  This is an actual ad designed by a liberal group to promote ObamaCare:


Young women of the world, have you lost your minds? Your generation has more opportunities, education, but also debt than any other in history, and your big concern is getting a guy in the sack? I don’t know if you know this, but back in the woman-hating twentieth century, you weren’t the one worried about whether or not a guy was eager.  He was worried, and he worked darn hard to get you in bed: flowers, dinner, coffee, meeting your parents, hugs when your life was down, an engagement ring, and a promise before your family, friends, priest, and God to love you until the end of his days.

But now you are simpering at his feet, begging him to ‘do you’? How the mighty have fallen.

Please don’t try to tell me that hook-ups are empowering.  Citing ‘new research’ which confirms what human beings have known since the dawn of time, the New York Times informs us that  hook-ups are much more sexually fulfilling for men than for women, and women only begin to close the gap in long-term, loving, committed relationships.  The last two paragraphs are classic:

Yet mediocre sex was a small price to pay “for the freedom to be able to enjoy it all.” The physical aspect of a tryst with a relative stranger was gratifying, she said, even if her chances of reaching orgasm were limited. When her partner’s performance was lackluster, she still took pride in her own sexual prowess.

“To sort of know yourself to be sort of skilled in a way or to be able to see someone else’s pleasure that was your own doing, I think there’s definitely something very empowering about that,” [29-year-old Kim Huynh] said.

Ah, the height of female empowerment: to be a novel replacement for a guy’s right hand.

Way to go, way to go young women of the twenty-first century.  (Was that sarcastic? Sorry. If you wanted nice and supportive, head over to Da Tech Guy’s place.)

To complete the trifecta of links, I will refer you to another bastion of conservative thinking: the Tufts Daily op-ed page.  Emily Schacter writes about her initiative at Tufts to raise awareness of the ways that words like ‘slut’, ‘whore’, and ‘b-tch’ are frequently used in casual conversation on the campus, and to strive to avoid ‘shaming language’.

Ms. Schacter sounds like a lovely young woman, but I think that she is missing a larger point: this is a direct result of the death of old-fashioned manners. Once upon a time, a kid would have gotten himself into hot water if he used such language to describe women. (Actually, that still happens: the men at my conservative, red-state law school were raised right.) Unfortunately, some brain trusts decided that manners were stifling and patronising to women, so we completely eliminated most social norms. The totally expected end result is the same as it is under ObamaCare and the hook-up culture: women suffer.


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One response to ““That’s reparations paid by women for their defeat in the sexual revolution”

  1. The greatest trick of the Devil is convincing the world he doesn’t exist but convincing women that giving in to men sexually outside of marriage is empowering is a damn close 2nd.

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