Fleeting Beauty: Valerie Baber Edition

Valerie Baber, a prostitute who was employed by the Emperor’s Choice company that also employed Ashley Dupree, wrote a confessional about her experience. (Hat tip: Instapundit.)  In an attempt to justify her actions, Baber wrote:

Having spent so much time in a position that allowed men to unload, I was often exposed to a uniquely honest perspective that most women never experience. Kind of like a reverse priest. What my clients revealed to me about sex, love and relationships is something I’m truly thankful for. Men aren’t pigs. Like women, they just need to be appreciated, loved, listened to and not judged. They need to be touched and adored. They need to be with someone who puts effort into maintaining all the things that attracted them in the first place. It seems simple enough, but these things so often go neglected by their wives and partners.

Oh, honey. If you think that old men were paying $1,500 an hour to screw you and other twenty-somethings because of your legendary empathy, you’re all sorts of delusional.  While some of your customer’s wives may be cold or uncaring, many of them have committed no marital sin save for not being an eternally supple, firm-breasted female version of Dorian Gray.

I have little desire to convince Baber that her choices were bad; life will do a far better job.  Valerie Baber will age, just like the wronged wives, and she will find out the hard way that it’s easier to “maintain[] all the things that attracted [him] in the first place” at age twenty-six than age forty-six.

Let us know, Val, how “simple” it is to remain young and hot when you’re fifty.  Write it in the same article denouncing extra-martial sex when you find your husband in the arms of a hot young thing – or maybe the article wherein you complain about your husband throwing your past in your face when he justifies cheating on you.


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