Random Sarcasm

In this new feature, I will snark about absurd things that are going ’round the web.

When Democrats in New Hampshire attack Harvard-educated Marilinda Garcia and call her stupid, it’s not racist or a war on women.  Marilinda is young, female, gorgeous, smart, has an Ivy League degree, Hispanic, and has the temerity to be an outspoken conservative. Of course they are going to rip her to shreds.

Liberals in San Francisco want to increase multi-family homes in order to save the planet. I’ll believe that it’s an idea worth considering once Al Gore moves into a duplex. Until then, it’s one standard for the powers-that-be and another for us peasants.

Failure is always an option, engineers say.  I can understand if a liberal arts graduate doesn’t know how to perform a statistical analysis of the likelihood of failure or understands how to compound error; what I cannot understand is how these people have never heard of the Challenger, the Titanic, the Hindenburg, or the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. (Of course, no disrespect meant to the scientists and engineers who designed any of those things – sorry to compare y’all to the ObamaCare website designers.)

Boston.com wrote this lede (link deliberately omitted) regarding the Sandy Hook tragedy:

Newtown elementary school shooter Adam Lanza had a strained relationship with both parents, to the point where they communicated with him only by e-mail, a newly released report found. Read more details about Lanza’s life and obsessions.

You know, there are a lot of things on my to-do list, but one of them is not glorifying a killer who slaughtered innocent little kids who were barely old enough to go to the bathroom on their own.  Just a personal quirk of mine.


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